Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Magical Meal c/o Modo Mio

Back when Ak was here in May, on the night of fried things, L., Ak and I decided that when she returned to the area in June that we were going to Modo Mio it to infinity and beyond. That day finally came last week. I think it was last week? I was uncharacteristically not at all early, while L. and Ak were properly early .It was a strange feeling, to know that the rest of my party was just sitting there, waiting for me to finally arrive. Anywho, the menu wasn't all that different from the last time I had gone with K. But some things were slightly different so I wasn't totally bummed or anything. I started with the suid with raisins, almonds, dates and tomatoes. I had a similar dish with C. in February, though in this rendition there were less greens. I believe L. had the chicken liver bruchetta, which was really quite something. And Ak had the pork tenderloin with greens and tuna maonaise, which looked just as good as when I had it when I was with K.
Though I was tempted to stick with the hollow spaghetti and fresh tomato sauce (amertiaciana or something) I decided to try something new since I had brought a red wine that I thought would go well with a heartier, meatier dish. So I went with the rigatoni with chicken liver ragu. It was hearty and very tasty. I was a eensy weensy bit disappointed that the red was either not opened ... no that wasn't the problem, they hadn't brought out glasses. Point: I had hoped to enjoy the wine and pasta together and tried to eat slowly so that that could happen, but there was a lag time. Nonetheless. Did I clear my plate? Yes I did.
So I brought a bottle of Chateau Caroline, a wine my father found in Maryland and now gives to me whenever he's been through that area to resupply. The next two photographs are L. putting it together...

For my main course I went with the pork special with fried egg, capers and provolone cheese. And magic. Did I mention the magic?
Our waiter, as all the Modo Mio servers have been, was fantastic and friendly. Willing to spend an extra minute to share details about the menu or tell a funny but relevant story. L. was, as she can sometimes be, very gestural in her appreciation of the food and our waiter l-o-v-e-d this. So he decided it would be pretty great to just bring out all five dessert options to us instead of asking us which ones we would prefer. This absolutely blew L.'s mind and made it entirely worth it from the perspective of the waiter.
Ugh. So. Freaking. Good. Tirimisu. Flourless magic chocolate magic cake with strawberry. A vanilla pudding kind of thing with chocolate bites. A figgy cookie thing you can't see. And a panacotta with cherry compote/preserves?
We did not fool around when it came to consuming these treats. No fooling when it comes to dessert. It's as true a way to live your life as no crying in baseball. Or when you're being robbed. What? Robbery? Oh yeah, guess what happened to me on Thursday. I was robbed an potentially gun point. I'll probably blog about it later. This was your non sequitur teaser on the subject.
And we finished the meal with decaf cappucinos. Well, L. had an espresso.
I will continue to sing the praises of Modo Mio for time immemorial. It's just the facts.

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nc catherine said...

She is quite wonderful as the visual narration, your pal L. Hilarious the recognition reaction!

I am sad to say the Chateau Caroline brought by your daddy-o had not weathered the freeze. Alas.

Word scramble, hmm maybe you don't care but I think they are funny, is squef. I wonder what a squef looks like. Or maybe it is a sound?