Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pizza c/o Rustica

At some point lately I went over to L. and C.'s for a little catch up and pizza. Cowboy the puppy is now Cowboy the dog. All you see of Nevada is her back side, but she's a sweet one she is.
We ordered from their go-to pizza spot, Rustica. I was very interested by their pico de gallo option and though L. was a little hesitant, we ended up getting a small one and then a large cheese pizza. The pico de gallo pizza was less a pizza and more a crispy shell laden with fresh and tasty pico de gallo. I liked it very much.
And the cheese pizza. My lord. It was so good. I only ate one slice because I felt full, but looking back on it, I should have really powered through it and had a second slice.
Thanks to L. and C. for the company and dinner!

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nc catherine said...

Oooh pico de gallo and avocados and pizza? I am so in.

Cute underbite Cowboy the Dog has.

Oooh word scramble is a real word: cities