Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Man Down

After breakfast we coated our skins with sunscreen, gathered our various beach accoutrements and headed to the water. Dad bought a new outdoors chair for the occasion. C. and J. had beach chairs and an umbrella. I came with a beach mat with attached head rest. I took a million photographs of me spinning, but they all have the crazy face and wacky hair aspect to them and will never be shown to the public. At one point Dad was adjusting his chair and just flipped backwards. I asked if he was all right and if he needed any help righting himself. He said no...and then stayed like this for a good couple of minutes before finally repositioning his seat into an upright position.


Ted said...

That actually looks like it'd be comfortable. Back support, extension of the arms, more blood to the brain...

NC Catherine said...

I am so sorry I missed this! That must have been when we walked to the pier. With the hand scribbled sign that said: $10.00 to fish $1.00 to walk.

Really, a buck to walk to the end of the pier, which was not so much to begin with? Fah. Watching the crazy fishermen can be done at sea level as easily as on the pier!

I am with Ted: more blood to the brain is a good thing...it does look comfy if super sandy.