Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun with an Old Friend in Kitty Hawk

I think just a day or two before I departed Philly for the beach I posted a question to my particular amalgamation of Facebook friends and acquaintances. The question was simply a matter of what route they found worked best to get them where they were going. One of the responses was from J., and was less about how to get there as much as what one might could do once arrived. In this case, it was see her, as she and her extended family were all spending a week around Kitty Hawk. So we made some loose plans to see each other. Then we made some more specific plans. Then I rearranged those plans and then suddenly I was walking onto a new beach in Kitty Hawk looking for someone who looked like J., her husband, either of her kids, or any of the in-laws I had met in previous times with J. J. had a pretty strict lack of interest in photographs taken, but V. snapped this one and though it breaks one of her rules, it was too funny not to include in its entirety. Little G. may have a career as a sexy rap crooner. Or sports star?

The thing about the beach is that it's very hard to have good hair there.
C. doing a little digging. After I finally found J. and her 15+ group of folks we played in the water a little until we saw a jellyfish. Then I showed C. how to search for those little crab like guys that like the wet sand. You know what I mean. Then I demonstrated the drip sand castle method for C., which he definitely appreciated though couldn't quick imitate. Time young castle maker, time. I hate kids. They're the pits. Ugh. That was what I kept telling J.
We attempted a whole family shot but first C. wouldn't come over and then when he finally did, G. flitted away. Alas.
It was kind of neat to see a different section of beach, and I almost felt like the water was warmer that day and in that location than it was just about an hour south.

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