Thursday, June 30, 2011

Iced Tea and Sandwich c/o Julia's Fine Foods

After catching up with the ladies, I caught a ride with D. and K. back to the homestead. Shortly thereafter Dad and I went to Julia's Fine Foods for lunch. It seems very strange that they have iced tea, but not sweet tea. But I won't bemoan that point.
I decided to go with the Cuban panini and was rather taken aback by the lack of panini-ness of it. It was, perhaps, toasted...but not pressed and grilled in what I consider the accepted fashion of a proper panini. Too much bread and not enough meltiness. I like the idea of Julia's and the options are definitely a bit more interesting than most food establishments around Sewanee could offer. So I'm all for them succeeding, and remember enjoying their true-blue paninis a good deal whenever it was that I had them. Go to this place because I don't want it to go under, but perhaps try to choose more wisely than I did.
Thanks to Dad for the meal, regardless of my gripes.

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