Thursday, June 09, 2011

Another Early Morning Walk in Waves

Another morning I awoke early enough to walk before the sun was full on in the air. I guess it was pretty in a sort of 'meh' way. Just joking. It was pretty.
At one point I went back in time and became 11 years old.
And then traveled back to the present day.
But then another bout of time travel suddenly happened, and there I was in prehistoric times. It was all very confusing. Thanks to R.K. for this image.

Not a crow I don't think?
Crab hole. That sucker had been busy.
I am triumphant in something. I think really I was trying to wave.
These flowers sprung up along the trail to the beach and I liked the look of them very much.

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nc catherine said...

I love the elongated shadow!

The word verification scramble of letters is "whoompop." I think that is funny.