Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tasty Bad Things and Beer ... Then Zul

Last week AK was in town, so we met up to catch up. We decided on St. Stephen's Green because I'm over the Belgian after the Kentucky Derby Rage Debacle of 2011. Once there I ordered a Bell's Oberon and we split the cheesesteak spring rolls. We were surprised that only two came in the $9 price tag. I miss their cheesesteak empanadas.
They were good enough. The beer was better.
Later on we met up with L. and ordered fries, which were as lovely as always.
Then wings appeared and we all dug in. My old friend G. missed the wings by mere moments and was sad over it, as he should have been, because they were very good.
L. took a few photos to mark the occasion. I recently got my hair cut. It looks very short here. I'm alright with that. I like to get it a little shorter than strictly necessary so that it grows out and looks nice for longer. This somehow makes sense.
Ak's coming back to town very soon, so the quick visit wasn't anything to lament. It was more like a primer. Maybe.
Behind us G. is losing at darts.
Ugh. I'm not sure I 100% love this photograph. I mean I like that it's of all three of us, I'm just not sure I approve of my posture and gut. Whatever.
Then to Zul.


nc catherine said...

Like the haircut a lot. Love the kitticus catticus big eyes. He looks good. Can't say I love the idea of the spring rolls....

cc said...

Thanks. It's grown in a little since then. I have a cowlick, but whatever. Or I think I have a cowlick, I've never been quite sure if I use that word correctly.

Zul is doing fine on the whole. Though he is still the pukiest cat I ever did meet and he doesn't do a good job of killing the flour bugs flying all over our house.