Friday, June 10, 2011

C. and J. gathered themselves together to depart on Tuesday. Dad wanted to have one last meal with them before they went. We decided on one place, but found it closed...after a few minutes the whole staff arrived about half an hour or more late. They said they'd be able to feed us in 15 minutes, but C. and I doubted that. So a plan B had to be found, and was found in the form of Atlantic Coast Cafe. It's an order at the counter, get your food delivered to your table kind of establishment, but their menu has some range. I immediately decided that sweet tea was in order while the choice of food was a bit more of a decision.
In the end most of us ordered the crab and corn chowder of the day, which was served in a real bowl but with a plastic spoon. We thought this was odd, but not, like, unbearable.
I chose to go with the seafood tacos, and this ended up being quite a good decision. I liked the soft/hard element of the two layers of tacos, and the mix of fish, shrimp, cabbage etc was also good and fresh. I think Dad had the crab cake, C. the fried oysters (which seemed like a good choice except for one dentist's nightmare of a grit bite) and J. had a chicken sandwich and onion rings if I recall correctly.
A good last meal with C. and J. A nice spot too.

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NC Catherine said...

The grit could have been a dental nightmare, thank goodness it was not. Otherwise the ersters were quite good. Bread/roll not so much but that was easily remedied: didn't eat it.

Friends who have been in the restaurant world, as we have, have to a one all agreed NO WAY would anything resembling lunch been ready in 15 minutes. Good call. Lovely last lunch. Sigh here we are in our workaday world, dreaming of more vacations!