Sunday, June 12, 2011

On my way back north I stopped at Jockey's Ridge State Park and took a quick walk to the massive dunes.
They were very high.

And rather breathtaking.

Later on my drive I had a Dairy Queen Butterfinger blizzard.


nc catherine said...

I think Jockey Ridge was the site of a funny story told to me when the subject of OBX came up. 'Parently this fella I know was over in/on OBX hiking around a maritime forest and he came upon a rather inebriated woman who was trying to take a pee on top of a dune. She lost her balance, pants at her ankles, she went down the dune ass over teacups. He decorously declined to climb down and help her....He figured her buddies would help and would not be dismayed at semi-nakedness...Now that I see the dune, WOW one crazy trip...

cc said...

What a story!