Friday, June 24, 2011

Gold Leafed

Soon I will be enjoying one of my favorite restaurants. It will be delightful, I have no doubt. I have decided to go with a gold theme. I am gold leafed. Gold leaved?

In this one you might notice a slight wind through my hair. I don't have air conditioner. If I'm home, the fan's on ... and now I know just what it can do. Ha.

1 comment:

nc catherine said...

Gold leafed definitely not leaved..ah crazy grammar police on duty. I still totally love the gold polish. Want some for my toes for autumn. Ah hands, not so much I seem to go thru a good mani way faster than a good pedi. Dirt digging and dish washing probably don't help. Won't give up the former and due to hygiene and state codes for kid rearing won't give up the latter...

Lovely, you look lovely tho!