Saturday, May 07, 2011

Fantastic Fantabulism c/o Modo Mio

A few weeks back K. came to town. I was only going to have her in my hands for one night and one day, so I wanted to pack as much eating into that time period as I could. I picked her up from the hotel at which she had stayed for a smartsy conference and took her to New Jersey. Obviously. And I got an iPhone. Then we returned to Philly and I brought her to Village Whiskey. I forgot my camera when we started the day, so there isn't any proof of the burger...except on my iPhone, but they aren't very good photographs. After some down time, it was time to bring K. to the second eating experience of her life: Modo Mio.
This was a pork salad kind of dish. It was good.
Their special pasta for the night was a raviolo with housemade ricotta and farm egg yolk inside, with a truffle pepper oil with parmesan. It. Was. Delicious. Really, really, really delicious. I want another one right now. Right now!
K.'s main dish was the eggplant.
I had the crispy veal with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. It was tasty. I love what they do with tomatoes.
And at the end, complimentary sambuca.
Mmmm. Profiterole.
K. had an apple (or pear?) tart with cheese. It was a little savory I think she said.
We made friends with the couple next to us, who were from out of town. They were just as taken with their meals as we were.

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