Sunday, June 26, 2011

Subway Sandwiches, Lethargic Falls and Butterflies

On Friday K. and I made great progress in terms of making choices about what to keep and donate of my mother's clothes. Once all the decisions had been made, we got ourselves together for a trip to Foster Falls. We stopped off in Monteagle for sandwiches, then stopped in Tracy City to donate Mom's things. Then finally we made it to Foster Falls. We ate our sandwiches once we got to the bottom. I had a veggie foot long. Tasty in that way that subway sandwiches can be.
The water was disappointing in its overall levels, as was the case when I stopped by last August. I understand why. If it doesn't rain, then there is a clear problem with a water fall's supply/demand ration, but it was still a bummer. Foster Falls at its best is bracingly cold, clear as can be and moving at a nice pace. The Falls so thunderous that though you can manage to swim right up to where the falling water meets the pool, it's a work out. The day we were there, however, the water was barely moving in the pool, allowing tree debris to lie on the surface in a slightly less than pleasing way. A touch stagnant. Didn't stop me from getting in of course ... just stopped me from staying in for very long. K. did not go in but she was a good sport about it.
Seems that this here is called puddling.
Pretty butterfly I will not think about your unseemly and terrifying origin story.
You can see that this hardly even counts as a water fall, whereas this trip to the falls in 2009 is proof that Foster Falls does indeed fall from time to time.


nc catherine said...

Even somewhat lethargic it is still pretty awesome. I am missing the easy access to swimable water...we kayaked on a city drinking water reservoir today, it so irritates me that gas powered boats can drive on it but people can't swim in it...There is a pretty waterfall within reach out in the foothills, so maybe this inspire me to go!

Robley H said...


How was Friday?