Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chicamacomico Station

On Thursday Dad and I went to the historic Chicamacomico Station. For $6 you can take a self-guided tour through a number of buildings that were used by those who acted as rescuers for ships in distress.
This is the view from the observation area. I think. My problem is that I like walking through old houses and buildings, but I am not as thorough in my reading of what it all means.

Many rooms or buildings were designed to seem as if they were still being used. This was the kitchen. Look at that spilt milk.
I think one family had the job for generations. This was the house where they lived, and that was probably their tub.
I liked that the house smelled old. Still lived in even. This was further accentuated by the choices of bedding and accessories left on the beds and dressers.

This quilt was intriguing. Lots of little cloth pouches.
Nice wood work.
The boat they would drag out. Dad went back later in the afternoon to see the drill reenacted. I was lazy and did not.
I read this as 'useless.'
Maybe I want to refinish old wood.

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nc catherine said...

Chik a ma COM ico.

Man I mangled it til I read it phonetically in something in Waves. I like my version better, chik a mac co mICO....whatever... it is crazy to spell!

Cool place. The quilt style has a special name but of course I can't find it in my memory. The puffs are sewn as circles and then stitched in one place to make them all puffy. Talk about time consuming!

I totally love the old smell, sun baked wood, old fabric. If I get to go back I will have to take the tour my own self.

Finally big thunderstorms and rain, two days in a row. Wow.