Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greeter Falls Excursion

On Sunday H. and C. and young miss H. picked me up and we drove on over to Greeter Falls. I had my zoom lens, so I didn't even bother taking many photos of people since they'd be all wackadoo, but here's H. with a little squinch in her face.
Unlike Foster Falls, Greeter Falls was doing quite well for itself. This was probably a result of two things: its smaller size and the fact that it rained quite a bit on Saturday. Usually Greeter's pool is clear, you can see the rocks you have to navigate before the hole gets deep; not so that Sunday. Instead it was quite muddy from all the recent run off. But nice and cold and with a proper flow of water. Here H., C. and H. make their way closer to where the water met the pool. It was difficult to get there, the water pressure was strong.

See that rock going into the water a little bit? In the foreground? I swam over to that there rock and enjoyed lying in the sporadic sun and looking at the light refract all while not being pounded upon by the full force of the falls. It happened. I also saw a giant crawfish doing its thing.

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