Thursday, June 09, 2011

Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry Cobbler

C. and J. brought almost all of our foodstuffs, and it was quite a haul. On their last day (it happens so fast!) the thought of what to do with so much fruit landed on cobbler, and so C. quickly mixed up and made this wonderful thing. In coming weeks - or days - you'll see that I then tried to do the same thing only with cherries and peaches to less than visually pleasing results (I believe my mistake was substituting vanilla soy for real milk ... and C. will have to tell me if this really doesn't have eggs because her recipe didn't but I feel like maybe in real life it did?). In any case, it was delicious. Just yummers. Yummers? Oh god, who have I become?


NC Catherine said...

It has only milk, sugar, self rising flour and butter. No eggs. And I don't think soy milk would make much of a difference, liquid is liquid and lordy there is plenty of fat in butter to compensate for the no fat in soy milk. Sometimes the fruit batter ratio is off...and cherries I have found tend to go all gooey, still delish but the texture can be off. I am sure yours was wonderful! Itwas definitely a tasty one there at Waves, yes it was!

Anonymous said...

B & L in Beaufort enjoyed the last of the cobbler.