Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dinner of Magic Madness c/o Modo Mio

So, a while back I made a date with L. and her bf C. to have dinner at Modo Mio. But as the reservation date grew nearer, L.'s taste buds continued to be in utter stealth mode. And there really isn't anything sadder than going out to a nice meal and not being able to actually enjoy it. Ok. There are sadder things. I could name a few. But that would bring the tone of this post down. L. and I decided that we'd go to Modo Mio some other time, but I also decided that I didn't want the reservation to go to waste. So I asked C. if she might like to come and she heartily said yes. We were there on time and seated quickly. For my first course I went with the squid and arugula salad with capers, green olives and other tasty magic wonderful. Last time all my photos were too dark, so this time I went with a flash. Now all the photos are a little too bright.
C. went with the shrimp starter. It was beautiful to look at and good in the mouth as well. Why does half of anything I write sound dirty?
I had long been eyeing their veal and rabbit ravioli for the pasta course (long = since the last time). And it was good....
Though I actually found C.'s hollow spaghetti with tomato sauce more enjoyable, which worked out well since she actually liked the ravioli more. This was a moment in our friendship that really just rocked. The moment when we admitted our preferences and just changed plates. It was another magical moment.
The sad thing is I have no remembrance of my main course. Not that I was blotto drunk, just, I don't know. That's the thing about Modo Mio. All the food is good. The atmosphere is fantastic. And if you go with someone you actually like, then the food just complements the good time you're having. Maybe C. will be able to tell me what this was. I know I liked it.
C. had the short ribs. They were awfully tender.
Though we didn't order them, we were awarded to free sides. A very refreshing and delightful salad and broccoli raab with sausage. There was hardly room for them in my stomach, but I made it happen.
We finished off the evening with cappucinos and the dessert that comes with their ridiculous $33 4-course dinner.
This was called something like 'fake orange.' It was rice pudding with a chocolate hazelnut sauce and it was ridiculous. C. had a chocolate cake, which was good...but this was even better. An older gentleman stopped by our table and said that he and his dining companion had had the same desserts and then said they were just horrible. But he was joking. I like old men. Not to date. Just to talk to. What? Shhhhhh.
Oh what a fabulous meal. C. had been in Prague for a while, so it was nice to catch up with her. Afterwards we trekked back to our own hood and had some beers with C.'s bf R. and his friend whose name completely escapes me.

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Claire said...

you got some sort of pork right? behind identifying the animal that you ate, i am of no help.