Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cherry and Peach Cobbler Attempt

On my drive north I stopped at a pretty fancy farm stand and bought a bunch of peaches and a bucket of cherries...and pickled green tomatoes. I had hoped the green tomatoes would be all vinegary and spicy, but they are sweet and will stay in my refrigerator forever because I do not like them. In any case, after meeting up with my old friend G. at the gallery we soon returned to my home where I consigned him to a life of pitting cherries. Well, not a life as much as 20 minutes or so. I had in mind making the same cobbler that C. had made so successfully just a few days before. But I can't say that was an entirely successful venture. I used vanilla soy milk instead of real milk, which may or may not have contributed to the soupiness. Or how the peaches cooked down? Who knows. The fact is that even if it didn't really have a bready/doughy component, it was still pretty delicious. Thanks to G. for his labor.


nc catherine said...

Oh me it looks beautiful. I do think that the doughy-ness success at Waves was due in part to the baking dish. It was deep and more square than your basic average 9x13pan. And I think peaches when super ripe get more liquidy. But no doubt that cobbler of yours was some good eating I can tell from here! No worries on the soy milk as far as I can tell, I have used skim, full fat, soy, hmmmm never cream or half 'n half. Although the yummy factor might go up as well as the heart-attack-in-a-bowl factor with cream!

Cup each of milk, self rising flour, sugar. Melted stick of butter. 4-5-6 cups fruit. Yep. Each version is different!

Anonymous said...

Looks quite scrumpous