Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBQ and Flip Cup

I think it was two Saturdays back that C. and R. threw a barbeque. My roommate and I arrived fashionably late, but not so far away from the starting time that the first wave of people had left, or that food was running low. That said, Brutus was already beat.
I don't know what my problem was, partially it was drunkeness to be sure, but I didn't take photographs of half the food I ate. I did, however, make sure to record this brownie. It had PEANUTBUTTER in the middle of it! The middle! It was amazing. Now I want one. Let's move on.
A round table of mostly coworkers/friends. But I imagine they were not talking about work.
C. also made some powerful mango etc sangria, of which I only had one glass because I knew what trouble it could cause if I had more. I also had a burger grilled by R. and I think I may also have had a hot dog, but that's a little less of a certainty.

Later on Brutus made sure to stare down some pretty flower bushes. What are they? Hydrangeas? I can never remember.
I may or may not have played flip cup. Well. I did.
I look about 45 in this photograph but whatever, the other one of C. and myself is even sillier.

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nc catherine said...

Ok if you look 45 then 45 looks AWESOME. But you don't look 45, maybe 25 with a funny idea in your head...

I think B the dog is staring down hydrangeas but wow super early up yonder??? Pretty tho whatever they are! Mine, while blooming and lovely, are alas early-drought stressed. Fooey. Gotta run the hose I guess and hope the water police don't catch me.

So we got some sort of awful drive by super shut down computer virus and this here address was the second we reloaded after the big wipe and restore. That is just how we roll, live vicariously yada yada!