Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sunrise Walk in Waves, NC

After my walk I returned back to the house. We were expecting NC Catherine and her daughter J. later in the evening, so I thought I'd take a quick nap before they arrived. That nap ended up me going to sleep for the night. I guess that's the one thing about getting up by 6 ... you don't want to be up much past 8. My early to rise early to bed-ness of Friday perpetuated another early awakening on Saturday. But that was fine with me. I've been feeling less than 100% cute as of late, and hoped to at least walk off as much as I consumed during my week of vacation (failed) and knew that I'd prefer a mile or two walk before the sun was full on in the sky...so while the rest of the house slumbered, I got myself together and headed to the beach. It was quite a pretty sun that met me.

This particular photograph was taken with my iphone. It may be a little more dramatic than necessary, but striking nonetheless.
Penguins abounded. It really is a sight to see them go from horizontal flying to vertical diving. Oh to be a fish in their gullets. Wait. Oh to have a fish in my penguin gullet. Yes. That's more like it.
This seagull kept mouth handling a crab and trying to force it all down its own gullet. To little success at least during the time I observed it.
The view south.
As I was heading back up the dune (it was a steeper incline from beach to house than from house to beach) I saw a flurry of motion and realized that I had disturbed a ghost crab. It skittered up and tried to hide at the base of the dune, but failed. I saw it. Took some photographs, wished it a good day, and went on.
I love my gold nail polish. I wouldn't marry it and try to have babies with it, but damn isn't that a fun shot?

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