Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito Is A Robot

So I just watched President Bush's state of the union address. I'm not well informed or smart enough to say anything intelligent, so I will share with you my observations knowing full well that they're 'bollocks':

1)Alito moved his head around like a robot. Alito is a robot. M. Lady, I'm sorry to say this to you, but not all robots are good.

2)What about China?

3)At one point Bush said something that Hillary Clinton especially disliked and she had this smile that said something to the effect of 'I can't believe you could be so full of shit'...then eerily enough, Bush had almost the exact same expression on his own face.

4)What about China? I mean, I know why China doesn't get lumped with Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe and North Korea...but last I checked democracy was not, by any means, the name of China's game.

I'm done. And again, I freely admit I have nothing to say that could remotely be considered very smart...except for the whole robot thing, I think that took close observation and a relatively good GRE score.

Assassination Vacation

I just finished reading Sarah Vowell's Assasination Vacation and liked it very much. My liking this book very much is a bit of a coup for Vowell and historical essayists. I admit it, I don't usually start books about (gasp) history, let alone finish them. But Vowell made the histories of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley's respective assassinations rather fascinating.It may be that Vowell is just so fascinating that I was willing to go along with whatever it was she was talking about. She put just enough of herself in it (both her literary voice and mentions of phobias) that even if she was talking about Garfield's power struggle with some guy I had never heard of before, I found it compelling.
I think this is the sort of book they should have made me read in eighth grade. But they didn't. She also makes a lot of less than subtle remarks on her feelings about George Bush's administration (not so positive). The above picture makes her look awful, the two below less so--but she does this weird intense face that is rather odd...I've seen her on Conan O'Brien a bunch of times and it's always really neat to see how truly interested and entertained O'Brien is by Vowell.
Read this book....I liked it a lot more than Friends of Freeland.

Wine Night, Boom Goes The Dynamite

After our Japanese dinner the boyfriend and I headed over to wine night. We were the first ones there. What is it about being the first to a social event that makes me shiver? There was hot wassail, wine (of course) and a good selection of finger foods to munch on.
Cookies, taquitos and hummus--oh my!

Sushi c/o New Tokyo

Last night the boyfriend and I went to New Tokyo (Briar and Broadway) for dinner before wine night. I was feeling like sushi, but I was also feeling a bit like something hot and lightly fried. I chose Bento Combination Box F (F is for fantastic). This box included one fried soft shell crab, california maki, salad, miso soup and one piece tuna, one piece salmon and one piece shrimp.
I love soft shell crabs. I cannot stress how deep my love is. You can eat the WHOLE thing, I mean what could be better? Nothing. And old spice doesn't have any part of it. It is totally not the season for soft shell crabs so I must assume that this little guy was frozen before being cooked for me. And you know what? I don't care, he was tasty...maybe a little over fried, but in a nice crispy way.
The boyfriend had the chirashi, which included white tuna.
And what kind of me would I be if I didn't have a side order of wasabi roe?
I'll tell you what kind---not at all right.

Monday, January 30, 2006

This is Meow Cat up above the world so high, in our kitchen. I'm realizing that it's terribly unfair how Meow Cat doesn't get a bowling ball over her face or a pseudonym or anything.
That's the price you pay for puking all over the boyfriend's computer. That's the price you pay.

Salad Deliciouso

This is the salad the boyfriend made for me (and himself, he eats too) last night. It may have had the best avocado I've come across in a long, long time. No unneccessary squishyness or unsightly brown spots. This avocado was a winner...then I ate it...then it was a loser...because it was in my belly.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Friends Of Freeland

The other day I finished reading The Friends of Freeland by Brad Leithauser. It took me about one hundred pages to warm up to this book and then another fifty to be sure I didn't regret my choice.
It is the story of Eggert and Hannibal. Hannibal is Freeland's (an imaginary country based upon an amalgamation of Greenland and Iceland) president and Eggert his most trusted advisor (the youth call him a facist). This book is a bit satirical in nature, though I have this tendency never to really know that unless it tells me so on the book cover. If you are willing to stay with something for a good length of time before forming a decision, read this book, it's rather good/funny.

Dim c/o Furama Part 17

Today Furama's large upstairs dining room was closed to the public and open only to members of the Vietnamese Association...of which neither the boyfriend or I am a member.
So we had to make do with the much smaller dining area on the ground floor...and a wait, an unheard of thing when in the upstairs area (we were number 4).
The food, though served in a more confined space, was as good as ever. Mmmm, we didn't stuff ourselves as thoroughly but did leave satiated.


Plus two of these on long leashes:
Equals the dream I had last night. A giant bear on its hind legs with two springer spaniels on leashes, one per paw...barrelling towards me. I think I saved both spaniels, from what I'm not exactly sure.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Meal Meow Cat Has Eaten...Then Vomited

As you may or may not recall, the boyfriend and I went plant shopping last week and got a few nice looking plants. Included in this was a 'sensitive' plant that reacts to being touched. Last night Meow Cat ate some of that plant...then puked it up. I cleaned up the mess and The Boyfriend and I hoped she had learned her lesson.
We got home very late and did not notice anything out of the ordinary. But this morning, just moments ago, it came to both of our attention that the boyfriend's computer had green cat vomit all over it. This cat is a very bad cat. Very bad. I've tried to train her that when she needs to boot, to do it on the wood floor or kitchen floor and leave say, rugs, sofas or The Boyfriend's computer alone. The boyfriend is still in the cleaning stages, so the damage is unknown, but holy mother of holy things there's a lot of liquid dripping out of his keyboard and flying into his eyeballs.

Mexican c/o Taqueria Caminos Michoacan Take 2

As the party ended cries for Taqueria grub gathered into a wall of sound. Actually, there wasn't any such wall of sound, I have no idea why I just wrote that sentence.
I had the plain quesadillas with a horchata. Satisfying and cheap. The boyfriend had a veggie burrito and I took a bite.
There were a lot of hand signs being thrown around. A guy, absolutely and totally not a member of our group, got down on the Taqueria floor and seemd to be moving in the way one associates with snow angels. Make of that what you will.

Party Platter

Last night M. Lady had a rather kick ass party. The boyfriend and I arrived late and, in my case, extremely sleepy. But after a little spiked coffee I perked up. Talked to some people, ate some sour cream and onion chips, generally had a ball.

Turkey Sandwich In The Loop

After my morning class I had a little lunch with two friends who happen to be in the same morning class. We went to Corner Bakery and I had an Urban Turkey sandwich. Here it is.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Google Video, Who Knew?

These guys are hilarious. The girls, less so, but the fact that there are so many people getting in front of tiny little cameras and singing along to terrible music is hard to ignore.

Holy Crap

Holy Crap. The high today is supposed to be fifty freakin' degrees!

Lunch and Fried Snack

Within twenty minutes of wandering around the Museum I ran into my college photo chum/SAIC graduate friend. She asked me if I was hungry and I said yes with enthusiasm. So we went to My Thai. And I had a rendition of Phad Thai with a longer name.
Four hours later I met up with writing buddies at the Exchequer Pub/Bar and partook in drinks and an 'Onion Tower'.
Good times were had by all.

Art Institute Killing Time

This was my favorite.
I am so lazy.

First day of classes went rather well or badly depending on your sense of timing.

My first class lasted half an hour as opposed to three hours.

Which left me with two and a half hours to kill before my next engagement...not enough time to go home...not enough time to know what to do with.

So I went to the Art Institute Of Chicago and looked, briefly, at art.

Religious art.
And impressionist art.
I formatted this post wrong and, frankly, I'm too lazy to fix it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


You may be pondering why I have suddenly started going to a gym and talking about it. Well, here's the thing my parents have been attending Royal Ascot since I was about, my goodness, eleven years old...maybe thirteen.
To me Royal Ascot can be explained like this: A five day horse racing event in England where women wear different hats with different outfits every day and the men wear morning suits and top hats. Oh, and the Queen is there...and champagne is consumed...and strawberries with cream eaten...and, hmm, oh yes betting on the horses. I've never been to Ascot, I was too snotty a teenager to deem going to it my 'thing'. But I'm going to give in the old graduate school try this summer. And if I'm going to be wearing hats and fancy dresses/suits, so help me I'm going to be thinner than I am now.
This brings me, of course, to the matter of getting to England. Usually when my parents or I have had to travel to, say, Europe, we take planes. We sit next to strangers for six to eight hours and watch movies on tiny little screens either in the seats in front of us or six feet away from us blocked slightly by the stewardesses serving drinks. We eat freeze dried meals and generally feel like the experience should be a little more, shall we say, special. So. That said. My parents and I are going to get to England this summer care of the Queen Mary II. Which looks like this:
And includes this:
Not to mention the (and I do mean to capitalize this entire thing for emphasis): VEUVE CLIQUOT CHAMPAGNE ROOM.
So. If this cruise ship is all it's supposed to be, I'll be blogging from it come June. Six days, so many floors of a ship....all I can think about is David Foster Wallace and how I'm not him and I may, actually, enjoy and abhor my time on the open sea (six days).

Yeah so that's why I'm trying to get skinny, posh horse races and a big freakin' boat. What better reasons are there, really?

My health? Sheesh.

Pizza c/o The Boyfriend

This is the pizza the boyfriend made for our dinner. Dough was made in the bread machine....though it took two tries to come to fruition...pizza was baked in the oven...with the usual accoutrements of sauce,cheese and spice. Tasty and worth the wait.
I have joined a gym. I joined last Thursday and have gone twice so far. Out of the six days since joining I have: gone to the gym twice and done my 'Pilates For Dummies' workout twice (along with the boyfriend, ah coupledom, there's nothing like exercising with a loved one...I'm actually not completely joking...it's just that I know how cheesy it could seem). I think, generally speaking, that I'm doing pretty well in trying this whole 'exercise' thing. As long as you don't take into account anything I eat, ever.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cat Dance

Okay, after this no more cat stuff...it's just that the song is so what it is and then the dance is so...well.

Cats Are Funny...And I'm Trying New Things

So I'm a bit confused there should be a link to cats doing funny things...but I'm not sure what's going on.

I Am Abstract Or Annoying, Yes?

So I thought I'd try a little bit of new technology....and give you a rare sound bite of the boyfriend. For those of you loving blogspot and with less weird feelings about talking and whatnot, you should totally go here and take advantage of this strange but true blogging function.
this is an audio post - click to play

Spanish Rice and Beans

Tonight I made a little dinner of Spanish Rice (no it didn't come from a bag)(actually to be honest, it did, it did in fact come from a bag), black beans with corn and steamed spinach. With a little side helping of avocado slices and a smattering of Vermont Cheddar cheese.

I went downtown to the loop today and got my U-Pass. Which is just revolutionary in my life...it allows me unlimited access to the public transportation system which would ordinarily cost me $2 a ride. I also met with the professor I'm the assisting this semester...and filled out paperwork in order to get paid for aforementioned assisting. This is all very exciting.

The beginning of a new semester is a tricky thing, especially with a break this long. I want it to start because I do want to continue with my work, have a routine and generally feel productive...but I also know the moment it does begin I'll suddenly have responsibilities and, like um, schoolwork and, uh, stuff. And the early semester enthusiasm never quite stays with me til the end. So what I'm trying to say is that I'm excited about classes starting, I only wish I could be confident that I will be as optimistic at the end of the semester as I am, say, right now.

Which is weird because it doesn't sound like I'm very optimistic. Crap.


While I was in Tennessee my parents took out the first episode of the Inspector Lynley series which was called Deliverance. It told a gruesome story about a farmer being decapitated, babies left outside churches, Hodgkin's disease and posh love gone awry. I liked it, so I put a few Lynley episodes on my Netflix queue. Last night I watched Inspector Lynley:Well Schooled....In Murder.
When I was little watching Mystery on WETA, our local public television station, was a treat. I was allowed to stay up until ten...maybe eleven...and I usually got to have some ice cream with chocolate syrup. The show was hosted by Vincent Price. The old guy would be sitting, usually, in some creepy set and would introduce the audience to the plot and characters and then the show would begin. I loved me my Mystery. I have a fond place in my heart for its opening credits, animated illustrations by Edward Gorey accompanied by rather gothic music and the occasional woman's shriek or sigh. Good times.

Salad, Up Close & Personal

Yesterday I came home early from work, turned around and went to the gym, came home again and made this salad. I made one for the boyfriend as well. Two yummy salads eaten whilst playing scrabble...I won...also steamed asparagus with a little butter, lemon juice and salt...but the picture didn't come out very well (you'll have to use your imagination, mmm asparagus).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Knitting In Progress

This is the scarf I'm in the process of making...it's the 'Vegas' scarf.

Sushi Buffet c/o House of Sushi and Noodles

The afternoon was spent recuperating from a late night and dim sum. This came in the form of March Of Penguins...though I was the only one who stayed awake for the entire thing. Then we played a game of Catan. And then because of the boyfriend and Ryan's enthusiasm over, get this, sushi....we went back to the House of Sushi!
Yes folks, we had another sushi buffet. This is where the whole gluttony thing goes into overdrive.
Yep. Vroom, vroom, overdrive.

Dim Sum c/o Furama Part 16

Gluttony. I do believe I'm a bit of a glutton. Though I must say I wasn't alone. So that's something. Dim Sum was lovely as ever, there were four of us and boy howdy did we eat.

Night In The City, The City, The City

After the sushi and a game of Catan we met up with an odd assortment of people--both SAIC related and not--at Sigara Hookah Lounge. We sat on the floor smoked hookahs and got to see this lady and one of her friends dance around.
The SAIC contingent went to Innertown Pub for a few non belly danced brewskies. Fun was had all around I think.
Taking a cue from my New York friend I made spinach lasagna for the masses. It was good and cheesy and people loved it, they really did.

Sushi Buffet c/o House Of Sushi

Yesterday the boyfriend and I had some friends over. One wants to be named by his real name, Ryan. Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan came from Madison to play. They arrived at our apartment and we quickly turned around and went to the House of Sushi for the sushi buffet....still the best deal around, $12.95 for as much sushi as you'd ever want...including rolls that are fried...sushi...fried.
It was extremely good.
We got this motherload of sushi and then ordered two smaller rounds...I didn't partake in the third round but was very impressed by those who did.