Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sound Views and Shrimp and Grits c/o

After our time at the beach, I returned back to the house where J. and V. and their kids, as well as V.'s parents and siblings and their kids, were staying. J. and I and the boys jumped into the pool for a spell, then J. took a shower and I sat on one of their back decks looking out at the sound. See those two bicyclists in the right of this photograph? C. and V. riding along the trail that ran behind the house and along the sound.

New location, one more photograph of myself by myself.
After a bit, V., J., G. and I went to the Outer Banks Brewing Station for dinner. I first tried their Olsch beer, which was made in the model of a Kolsch and nice and light. We all -well except for the kid- dipped into the fried calamari.
And shared a Caesar Salad.
For my entree I went with shrimp and grits with brown gravy. Its presentation was a little nicer than I had expected and the grits were definitely cheesy or somehow flavored in a better than average manner. I think I was less enamored of the dish when it came to the gravy, but a good meal on the whole.
I tried another beer as well. The Cocoa Brown. I liked it though had I read its description more carefully I would have been more surprised over it. Banana esthers? That sounds like my nightmare. Well. One of my nightmares.
After dinner we returned back to the house. And. You will not believe it. Your mind will be blown. There is no photographic evidence and you'll wonder if I'm yanking your chain. I would wonder if I were you. In any case, there were a lot of bikes at the house. And G. wanted to ride, and J. wanted to ride and was I really going to be the weirdo sitting on the porch holding them back? Often, yes I would be. But not that day. No! I, too, enjoyed the pleasure of a bike ride along the sound, complete with a stink zone not to be underestimated and, um, something else? It made me think that I could get into country bicycling. Or resort bicycling. Bicycling where you're not trying to go all that far and you'll run into about .24 cars.

It was lovely to see the whole P. family and clan, and to spend some time with J. Thanks goes to them for the meal and the company!


jess said...

It was great to see you as well. Sorry that Grayson was so interested in the dead fish during the bike ride! Ewww.

NC Catherine said...

See biking can be a good thing!

I wish I loved the idea of shrimp 'n grits. But I don't...

Lovely water view!