Sunday, June 12, 2011

Philadelphia International Beer Expo 2011

Last year C. and I went to the big beer expo. This year L. and I went. We took the broad street line down the the stadium stop, disembarked and got into a bus, which then took us the rest of the way to the navy yard. And then much beer was had. I'm hoping L. will comment on this post and say insightful things about the beers she liked. One of the first beers we tried was this one.
This was one of my favorites. L. will know the brewery. White River?
We thought it would be wise to eat something. I tried their chicken sausage and wasn't at all impressed. L. ordered their cheeseburger and threw it out way before it was finished.
This beer seemed to be all right.
There was also a jerky vendor. I got the jalepeno, teriyaki and spicy venison kinds. They were good.

I thought I would like this beer.
But I was wrong. Bananas. All over the place bananas. The other Weyerbacher beer, however, was quite nice.

L.'s notebook.
The people. There were a lot of short men.
And definite 'bros.
We made momentary friends with these two security guys. The dude on the right was 27, the dude on the left 23?
L. asked this man if she could have the remaining pretzels on his pretzel necklace. He said yes.
Sunglasses. Upside down!
It was a good hair day for me. Face day too.
Then once our allotted time with unlimited 2-4 ounce pours was complete, we boarded another bus and made our ways to the subway and to our 'hood. You may not believe it but after that we went to McCrossens.
The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. Well. You know how they do.


LW said...

White Birch Indulgence was the Beer Expo Winner. I love all of the photos of me except the vain self-indulgent one, which I forgot taking til the next day, at the end. But I suppose this comment is a bit vain. There's no hiding it!


LW said...

those security guards were much nicer to us than they are trying to look in this photo.

cc said...

That is true, they were quite smiley and laid back.

nc catherine said...

Banana esters are just going to haunt you. Whatever the hell banana esters are...I really like the last self portrait...fierce I say fierce.

Word verification scramble is tentioci. I think we need to create its definition...multitudes camping on old sacred ruins...where they spoke Latin..