Thursday, June 02, 2011

Small Pit Stop in Havre de Grace

After getting through the Baltimore tunnel I got off of 95 and went a slightly prettier route for a bit. I think the road was 40? I made a detour into Havre de Grace and happened upon a lighthouse and decoy museum. I didn't go inside the museum; I wasn't convinced that it was really what it said it was. But the views were pretty throughout.

Do you see that man along the edge of the water? He was speaking to a few folks sitting on a nearby bench extolling the virtues of stones. A direct quote was 'stones are where the mystery is.' I don't know what he meant but I loved how sure he was of this truth. I'm a pretty big fan of stones myself, and shells.

Then back on the road I went. I made the mistake of getting back on 95 at the exact point where some major toll booth construction is underway, which caused me to rue my own lack of patience and hate the world. Eventually I got through it, of course.

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