Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2016 Photos Recently Found

So I haven't bothered posting here in quite some time. This was in part due to having a lot to do in early 2016, and also that I had a whole big photo library loss (which is still unresolved in part), and found it sad that the images I most wanted to share seemed to be lost. I've found some of them and been less harsh to others, so here's a general load of photos from early January 2016 through around July 2016. 
I helped Whit steal chickens in the dead of night at some point. In point of fact, it was neither the dead of night nor were we stealing them, but it felt like both things were true. Chickens were generally happy with their covered flatbed truck transportation.
This was the craziest thing to see in the lambing season of last year. A lamb born with one eye ball, no nose and no mouth really...that hole below the eyeball was basically the trachea/throat area. This little one did not survive. As someone who has seen quite a number of lambs born, nothing even close to this had ever been seen by me, nor was it something anyone else with more experience than me had seen either. While sad in the sense that it could not survive, it was also totally fascinating.
Lauren came to visit at some point in the year and I put her up in the apex of comfort: air mattress with two terriers.
Some newborn lambs for fun.
And more. At the new place I work, lambing hasn't started yet, and they are decidedly less hands-on or worried about it. I'm kind of bummed about that, as I really did enjoy being on hand and at call for lambs.

I dated this guy for a hot minute. He came up and visited a couple of times. Coco was happy to jump.
And the lambs were happy to eat his hat. Things didn't have all that much longevity as far as the two of us are concerned, but I'll always (until I forget, because it isn't that important) remember that I was with him in West Seattle when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first (only?!) Oscar.
I got another sheep skin last year and Coco was quite fond of it.
I still wore lipstick to markets.
The view continued to be great.
Some lovely ladies joined me for a Prima night, which were basically my favorite nights on Whidbey.
A. moved off the farm and into the home and family of his uncle, aunt and three cousins, which was quite good for him, but I did miss his presence. This was during one of his visits: we are stuffing our faces with cheeseballs, because of course we are.
One of the interns' dogs, Sadie, and Buddha.
Rodo didn't make it to the end of 2016, but he was a stalwart companion to me and so many others and will be forever missed.
I think this was in early spring, soon after Stan had his neck brace removed, but before he got his better wheelchair. A sunny day, a bunch of older gentlemen shooting the shit.
This child has always enjoyed wearing my shoes.
Spring in Seattle.
A visit with good friends.

I should really get my bangs trimmed, is what I think when I see this photo.
Andy came out from Ohio for work and we met up and took this stellar photo.
More proof of spring, I guess.
And sushi I had one time at some place.
Whitney and I got Lynn to come out with us one night when Stan was doing more rehab in Seattle. Unsurprisingly, it was at Prima.
My old porch view.
Rhododendrons in bloom.

Me happily dressed and made up to sling some cheese.
Meeting up with Tim after slinging cheese. Fairly certain we ate oysters.
It is still so not green where I am now, so this image is just hard to comprehend. So many lambs. So much lush greenery.
The two terriers that inspired me to get my own terrier.
Anna in the back of a truck full of lambs, shaking some gloves' hands for reasons known only to her.
There was a big benefit put on to raise funds for some of the financial burdens that were inescapable as a result of Stan's accident. This is Whitney and Stan outside the Bayview Community Center where the event (lots of music, food, drink, etc) was taking place.
I'm telling you, this kid loves my boots.
Lynn making cheese, Nelly peering in.
Archery shots on Stan's neck brace.
Me, Nelly and Ken after the fundraising event. Perhaps specifically after I offered them some of a joint I bought pre-rolled from a local dispensary. I'm fairly certain that for the rest of time they will think of me predominantly as the girl who got them very, very stoned. Which I guess is not the worst.

Two terriers in the milking parlor, each using one of my layers to soften their lying down experience. Neither looking super pumped about it.
I got a new tattoo.
I saw a duck and some baby ducks.
Whitney had a shindig at her place, maybe for her birthday? And this was a beautiful scene.
Fat Tony's parents came to Seattle and we met up for a quick drink and bite. Lovely folks, they are.
At some party on Whidbey at some point.
A watercolor I did.
Gabby, Rodo, and one of the baby birds she fed and raised.
Coco and the makings of a particularly yummy breakfast.
I visited Stokesberry farm at some point, and they showed us how their egg washer and sorter worked. Now that I am the eggwasher and sorter of another farm, this machine has gotten to be even more cool to me than it initially was.
Lambs on new pasture.
God the rainbows.

Found a baby rabbit.
Then traveled to Ohio and saw my semi-namesake for the first time since I initially met her when she was only a few days old.
After this I returned back to Washington and soon thereafter welcomed Birdie, my pup, into my life. And then I demolished my phone and hundreds of photos that were only stored on it, thus basically losing the rest of the summer and proof of Birdie's tiny-ness.