Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Way I Was

So I'm in Tennessee, trying to make a little dent in some of my mother's things. The easy part, clothing, was concluded yesterday. Now I'm sifting through boxes that include not only my mother's collection of photographs and memories, but also my own childhood relics. I was especially delighted by the highlights from my nursery school teacher's evaluation of my development circa 1985, I would suppose:

Outdoors: not locked into any one group or game, different things on diferent days.

Indoors: really does absolutely everything - housekeeping/dressups/art/playdoh/sand room (esp)

Peers: Plays well with quite a few different children. Especially attached to S. R. and C. very different and she plays differently with each one. There are a few children she ignores completely. Tries to solve conflicts herself - begins with words - may then cry or ask for adult assistance; feelings may be hurt.

Adults: Really comfortable with adults and will seek them out, volunteer info. Ocasionally seeks out for companionship but not cling on.

Group: Very enthusiastic/loves stories (complains if books don't qualify as stories. Likes songs, dramatizing and participates etc but can share floor.

Style: Some surprisngly good coping skills (figuring out way to get her favoritemat) plays well in group but may be a little on the fringe...and then can suddenly assume leader role. Probably best with one or two at a time. Structures time well indoors, better than outdoors.

Frankly, I think this could still pretty much describe me.


Anonymous said...

So that sounds like the way I did my evaluations. If it still seems to fit, maybe I got it right! Would that all 4 year olds had been so competent. HR

nc catherine said...

Hmm I posted but it got lost...yes sounds pretty current and accurate. I am so sorry that you have to be doing this though.

Bedish is the word scramble and sort of how I am feeling. Kayaked today and saw inner tubes for sale...shall I get you a couple? A plug-in tire pump would fix them right up for carrying....

cc said...

Oh HR it does. I also found the KNS 'yearbook,' portions of which I'll have to post soon. One person on Facebook referred to you as a 'very observant teacher.' :)