Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hawks and Cats and Such

On Monday I had plans to meet up with some of my mother's old friends. Throughout the weekend I noted a lot of bird noise around the house. A different kind than usual. Hawk-like. And finally on that last day in town, I saw that I wasn't crazy - that there were three hawks all hanging around. You can only see one in this photo, but trust me there were more.
On my walk to J.'s this cat posed for me.
My mother's friend M. made date nut bread and then I think it was J. who made the orange creamy spread. Watermelon and iced tea were also available for the slurping or sipping.
Some cats just need to know your business.
It was good to see the ladies with whom my mother had fostered friendships over her time in Sewanee. Strange to, in a sense, be there in her stead.

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