Monday, June 20, 2011

First Ever Banh Mi

On some day at some time I tried my first ever banh mi sandwich. I know. It's shocking. My love of pho would naturally lead you to think that a Vietnamese sandwich of such fame would be in my food wheelhouse. The problem was simply one of being more committed to my love affair with pho than an interest in trying something new. But I knew the day was coming, and that day did come. I went to Ba Le, the address and hours of which you can see above. I forget exactly what I got. Grilled chicken maybe? It was good. Filling. Cheap. I also had perhaps the most sweet Vietnamese coffee of my life. It was almost unbearable.

Meanwhile. I am in the Charlotte airport. I was supposed to have a five o'clock flight direct to Philly from Nashville but due to a late pick up by the shuttle, I ended up missing my flight by about 15 minutes. So then I had two hours in Nashville to kill before a 7 o'clock flight with an hour's layover in Charlotte. Except that when I got to Charlotte I learned that my flight was delayed. And it's been delayed again. So I got here at 9:30 but my flight isn't scheduled to leave until 1 AM. Blurgh. So here I am, plugged into a wall by a women's bathroom. Blogging. I could potentially watch a movie on my computer, but I don't want to put my earphones in for fear of missing an announcement that magically makes my flight way sooner than it is. Or canceled. At this point I would prefer canceled. Then I could go to bed. This whole series of days has not been without their trials and tribulations. I've been using my time in Sewanee to accomplish things and to go to bed ridiculously early. I'm talking 9, 9:30. And so not only is it legitimately kind of late ... it's super late for me and my recent bed time choices. I'll give this to Charlotte: at least they have the decency to have free wireless.


Anonymous said...

So much for Ba Mui Ba 33 beer. That
is why un-named airline kept c alling home number with updated
flight info with delays. Wonderful thing
to travel with a good book aand
a wise phone.


nc catherine said...

These sammiches are good! A new guy in my office, who is originally from Cambodia I think, blessed our little bahn mi go to shop here. I didn't know that the baguette has rice flour in it hence the super light bread?

Sorry for your travel woes.