Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rogue Brewery Beer and Kobe Beef Sliders c/o Varga

On a Wednesday or Thursday I learned that Varga Bar was going to have 12 (8?) different varieties of Rogue Ale on tap. This is pretty much unheard of around Philadelphia, and I very much wanted to try a Chocolate Stout fresh from the tap instead of straight out of a bottle. God bless L. and her willingness to do things at the last minute and coming out with me. We actually stopped off at another bar to say hello to a bartender friend of hers ... but I forget what that place was called. We arrived as the event was supposed to be starting, but it's a small space and there weren't any seats at the bar, nor a table available for us to sit. Furthermore, the kegs had yet to be tapped. If I had been alone, the night would have ended then and there. I would have sulkily cried a little and then walked home unsatiated. But with the bolstering presence of another, we stood and soon decided to at least get on the list for a table ... and it actually didn't take long for us to go from awkwardly standing by the jukebox to a dark, but spacious, corner table. While my main desire was beer, I did want to give my stomach a bit of a filling. I went with the Kobe beef sliders with magic and onion rings. I tell you what. These were tasty little suckers. And the onion rings - never a favorite of mine - were actually pleasing to boot.
As I mentioned above, it was quite the dark table. So many of the photos I took are just too shitty to bother with. My first beer, for example, simply didn't have its mojo in order. This second beer, however, a mead kind of thing, is just so pretty that I had to share it. I also enjoyed drinking it.
So much so that a photograph had to be taken. You know. To commemorate the moment for prosperity.


L said...

This is where all the trouble started... We saw Aidan at Moriarty's first.

Also, why are you blogging? PACK!

nc catherine said...

I like commemorating the moment for prosperity. Beats the beejeepers out of posterity.

I am guessing the magic on the sliders was the white sauce stuff?

I want a chocolate stout out of a keg!

I want a place here that would know what a chocolate stout is.....