Monday, March 21, 2011

Breakfast c/o Sabrina's

One morning my new friend G. and I had breakfast at Sabrina's and Spencer's Too. After we sat down G. got kind of excited about some dude sitting in the corner. The dude's name, according to G., was Bernard Hopkins. This meant nothing to me, but I guess the guy's kind of a big deal if you follow boxing at all. G. hoped to go over and say something to him and I was willing to take a photo of what was sure to be a momentous meeting of the minds, but the timing wasn't quite right. So, in the end, G. ran after him and may or may not have called him 'a beast.' I'm not sure if I'm making that up. Breakfast was two poached eggs, turkey bacon, toast and potatoes. Satisfying to me in my belly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bernard Hopkins=Win!
Turkey Bacon=Fail!

Nothing spoils a good B. Hopkins sighting like fake bacon..