Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dragon Stout, Jerk Pork and Soup c/o Scotchie's

After we met back up with Monroe, our next stop on our stint away from the resort was Scotchie's, which was recommended to us by Pat. We were some of their first customers. I went with the jerk pork and their pea soup of the day. K. went with the jerk chicken. The pork was fantastic. Nice and crispy on the outside, still moist on the inside. And their accompanying sauce definitely had more kick than the hotel equivalents. I liked the soup too, very hot in temperature.
K. had been to Jamaica before a few years back, and was determined to drink Dragon Stout, which was not offered at the hotel. So before we went to Scotchie's she ran into a local gas station and grabbed six bottles, two of which we drank during our lunch. K. felt that the chicken was better than the hotel. I had a bite and found it just as good, but I think I would have had to consume more to be sure of my feelings.
Because of her past Jamaican experiences, K. also wanted to consume at least one meat patty while we were out. Monroe was kind enough to take us on a little bit of a detour to St. Anns Bay, where we went and ordered our patty fixes at Juici Patties. This was the most off-the-beaten-path we went. The town was definitely not geared towards tourists, and just by the nature of our skin, we stood out but, I don't know, Jamaica has this reputation for being dangerous. Obviously we were going to a food establishment in the middle of the day with a local by our side, so what do I know; we were conspicuous but I didn't feel unsafe. I went with a beef patty. I liked it, but my belly was so stuffed from the pork I couldn't quite finish it. We also both ordered coco bread, but that wasn't really my scene. K. and I have different relationships with carbohydrates in the form of bread.

And then we returned to the hotel, where Monroe charged us $20 less that he had originally quoted. I thought that was nice. We tipped him well. I think.

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