Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mother Mother c/o The Knitting Factory

So one of my least awesome characteristics is my need to be places on time, even if I know being 'on time' really means that we'll be 'early.' In this case, I wanted to be at the Knitting Factory not too soon after the doors opened, even though I understood that with two opening bands we wouldn't be missing any of Mother Mother. L. loves me and puts up with this quality. Or I assume that's why she puts up with it. The point being that we left the apartment and went to the subway earlier than we had to because of my strange ways. There was some delay before we actually got on the train, and this happened.
And this.
And this.
So. Yeah. We were early. I didn't take my camera because I had read the Knitting Factory rules and learned they didn't allow cameras. I knew from my Philadelphia Trocadero experience that venues often mean what they say, and I didn't want to have to deal with tough decisions regarding what to do with a camera if they were to be stringent about it. L. had a little camera she stuck in her boot, and so all images are thanks to her. Of course I was a bit pissed when it was clear that they wouldn't have given two figs if I had brought my own...but it was nice to not worry about capturing moments. Ha. L. is a sucker. Here Fat T. and I are, I forget why.
This is my new favorite picture.
Waiting for the main show, drinking beer. We also played the ORIGINAL Mario Brothers game, which I was quite excited about.
The show finally started.

So. Really and truly. Mother Mother is a really great band. Fat T., who is prone to extreme grumpiness and music snobbery confirmed it at the end of the he was really excited about it. Warmed my heart since I was very worried that Fatty was going to hate it, and me by extension. Pretty much the opposite happened. We all won!

No joke. Go see them. Buy their albums. Do it.
I was really, really excited. But not as excited as crazy mccrazy girl on the far left of this photograph. Ugh. She was unbearable.
Pleased with our evening. We then went on to another place in Williamsburg and happened upon a pretty good live (and free) hip hop act. I was surprised to like it mainly b/c most hip hop performed live, to me, ends up with a bunch of guys talking over each other and a beat that is too muffled by other things. Or something. They were Kooley High.
Me at the hip hop show.
Oh my the fun. The lateness. The stuffing our faces with leftover Chinese food upon our return to the apartment. My general appreciation of L. and Fat T. knows almost no bounds.

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