Sunday, March 27, 2011

Glory Be to Ha Saigon

L. and I originally had plans to do something entirely unlike having pho one Saturday morning, but when that plan was canceled we didn't give up. No we did not. Instead we decided that it was time for another trip to Ha Saigon. We ended up ordering the exact same coffees and meals, which prompted us to make our table settings nearly mirror images. See that?
Oh yeah buddy, that's some condensed milk coffee crazy.
We both went with the rare steak, well done brisket pho with more broth, less noodles and an extra side of limes. We also split the spring rolls, but none of the photographs were that great nor were the rolls ... well at least when compared to their grilled pork rolls, which I will unquestioningly order on our next trip. The steak was not all that rare. I don't know if this is because there was a little delay between the bowls being prepared and delivered, or if they thought that we weren't serious about the rare part. Still delicious. L. noted that the noodles seemed different, I agreed. They weren't as elastic and broke more easily. Still quite satisfying though.
Isn't that a nice photograph of pho? I'm kind of proud of it.


Ted said...

That coffee with milk looks so freakin' good.

L said...

Let it be known to your readers that you also had two thumbs up to mirror me and magically managed to still take a photo with your face!!