Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cranbrook Forest: A Tiny Little Trip Off-Resort

Before leaving for Jamaica, I did a fair amount of research about potential activities and restaurants off the Riu resort where we were staying. I considered horseback riding, tubing, going to Goldeneye (I think that's what it's called), and a host of other things. But in the end I thought Cranbrook Forest would give us a far better experience than Dunn River Falls (I'm sure the falls are delightful, but I don't want to climb a waterfall while holding hands with thirty other people, thanks). So we arranged through our Apple Vacation representative Pat (a very, very nice lady) for a driver (Monroe) to take us. A price was agreed upon, and a time, and off we went. Cranbrook wasn't quite what I thought it would be. But I don't know exactly what I thought it would be. Perhaps a few more more manicured presentations of flowers? A few more open expanses? Regardless of what my, or K.'s, expectations were, it was a nice change of pace from the resort. On our walk along a raging stream, we saw countless kinds of plants, a number of birds and very few people. Our walk started with a peacock.
The water was beautiful though definitely rushing.
I didn't bother photoshopping any of these photographs because they're not that good.

This reminded me of a tulip poplar kind of.
Fallen flower on the ground.
Hello giant leaf, you will protect me right?
Hummingbird. I tried to convince him it would be a better idea to land on a branch not entirely in the shade. He responded by flying away entirely.
I asked Monroe what sort of bird this was, and he said Doctor Bird, which is the familiar name for Red-billed Streamertail. It, too, was very curmudgeonly about staying still so I could take a good picture.
I think we probably walked a little over a mile up into the forest before returning back. Not too strenuous, but good after a few solid days of drinking and lounging.


nc catherine said...


SKINK! per the resident know it all. Something mumbled about the shape of the head.

I love that you go for a hike in the woods, or the forest, in a dress.

Tulip poplarish indeed. Lovely rushing water. May I go there NOW????? Gosh I have winteritis.

cc said...

ha ha. it was all dresses all the time for me in Jamaica. Seriously. We were there for four nights and I brought about nine dresses; each of which was at least briefly worn.

j, foodie blog enthusiast said...

yay, birds! so beautiful. i was going to drop you a comment before you left, "take bird pics!" and then i realized that first of all, i really shouldn't be asking things from your vacation, and second of all, you'd probably take bird pics anyway!!

i'm closing my eyes now and imagining myself taking a deep breath by that rushing water. did it smell lush and alive and not at all like winter in the northeast? did the birds sound all tropical and jamaican and magical? am i asking too much of these poor birds? i just imagine things smelling and sounding somehow better there. (compared to here. or winter here, anyway).