Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just One View

So the resort was outside Ocho Rios, with the mountains behind it and the sea in front. Along the corridor where our room was there were a series of open windows just like this; framing the ridiculously beautiful mountains and sky every five or six feet. I really need to live somewhere prettier. And warmer.


HinTN said...

Great photograph! Excellent composition and subject matter.

nc catherine said...

I'm in on the move to warmer prettier climes. And I can't believe you never had a pina colada before???? Hope the whole trip is one marvel after another!

cc said...

Thanks! Yeah, on the drive to Ocho Rios we passed at least one small college or university, and I kind of thought to myself 'I bet I could teach composition there, and then I could be warm all the time.'

Something to look into, though maybe not Jamaica. I had a great time, but it does have quite the rep for being unsafe for whitey (and Jamaicans in general) outside of the tourist areas.