Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pregaming Dinner and Steak

So Saturday was our 'wild and crazy' night. On Friday we wondered if we could get drunk at an all inclusive hotel. On Saturday we found that you most certainly can. Beer on the beach. Pina Coladas at the pool bar. Gin and tonics on the balcony. And then more drinks before our steak dinner. We made friends with the bartenders.
K. even got behind the bar and poured her own beer. Look how pretty she looks! That's my blood cousin man, we're cousins for life!
So the steak restaurant was our first reservation-required eating experience. We were sad to learn that other than the entree, it was just more buffet fare. I liked my steak with chimichurri sauce and it was cooked medium rare as I liked it. K. was not as pleased, but not actively disappointed either. Their wine was terrible.

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