Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beach Times

I forgot to mention that at some point on Sunday K. and I both had full body massages. This was not inclusive, we had to pay for the privilege. This was my first-ever full body massage done by a professional. It was pretty relaxing, though I don't know that I really felt that its effects lasted for the rest of the day. Anyways. We're talking Monday at this point. After returning from our adventures off-site, we got our suits and books and whatnots together and tromped to the beach. We found a pretty good spot that gave the option of shade and plenty of direct sun to boot. I floated. K. Read. We both read. I floated. You know. The norm. This was my view from my lounge chair.
This was another view.
And yet another.
A nice Canadian (man there were sooooo many Canadians aboot) woman saw us attempting to take a photograph of ourselves (it turned out very poorly) and offered us some assistance. I thank her for it.
Cousins for life.

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