Saturday, March 26, 2011

Salad Nicoise c/o Quercy

Our plan all along was to take a good long walk and then stuff our faces at a new restaurant L. had seen that specialized in sandwiches and fried chicken. Alas, by the time we rolled up to that spot there was a half hour wait; and we were having none of that. Still, hunger overwhelmed us and we needed to eat, so L. suggested that we go to Quercy, which was just down the street. Not only was the place close, it had the added benefit of having a waiter that L. and I both knew. I hadn't seen R. in, sheesh, I would say since I graduated from college so that would be seven or eight years. We thought it would be a nice surprise to show up at his place of work and say hello/stave off our not-real starvation.

When we were in college R. and I, for reasons I couldn't begin to explain, developed a very intricate greeting handshake. It had ten steps, which went from the typical grasping of hands all the way to a sort of chest bump. Back in our youth R. and I would do this greeting any time we saw each other. Say, for example, that R. was walking to class with a friend or two and I was walking away from class with a friend or two. We would excuse ourselves from the conversation at hand, do the shake then - usually without exchanging any more than a few words - continue on our merry ways. It was heartwarming that R. and I were, with little fanfare or fuckup, able to properly execute this handshake after so many years. We partook of the mimosas in a pretty major way, thanks in large part to R.'s generosity.
I had the salad nicoise, which I devoured. L. noted that she preferred a nicoise salad with grilled tuna, and I would generally agree, but this version wasn't shabby. The anchovy bits. Mmmm.
The moment of our meeting had to be captured of course. L. went all papparazzi at us and there were definitely a number of photos that will have to live a life of obscurity due to the chins I seem to sport.

I then tried to photobomb L. and R. but my job was made difficult by the fact that they were backlit and I was too lazy to mess with my manual settings. So I couldn't quite photobomb them.
See what I mean?
L. and I left full of mimosas and our hunger completely satiated. R. did have to work for most of the time we were there, so our actual talking period was condensed, nonetheless it was great to see him!

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