Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Company, Not Good Food

After our beer balcony time, K. and I went and had our last pina coladas of the vacation.
One of the bartenders started to refer to K. as his 'wifey,' she wasn't overly fond of that.
We went to the Asian restaurant, which was a reservation-only spot. But why? Why? I have no idea. No idea whatsoever. Man. Seriously. It's a mystery. This photograph may make the food not look so bad, but it was actually quite depressing. Nothing tasted good. Well, their chicken skewers were okay, but that's it. Seriously. It was demoralizing. We hadn't planned on getting too wild our last night, but I felt so dejected by the end of this meal (which was all buffet) that K. and I both ended up returning to the room and, for the first time on the trip, TURNED ON THE TELEVISION. So. To review: Riu Ocho Rios: decent drinks, so-so buffet, overrated 'restaurants.'
So even though this was a disappointment, it was still a good trip on the whole. Just so I'm not too negative nelly here.

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