Thursday, March 03, 2011

Snow Geese in the Country

So a weekend or two back I went to the country. I knew in advance that that Friday was going to be 65-67 degrees and I felt that warranted taking a day off and getting out of dodge. So, I got up in the morning, overpacked, ignored the niggling feeling of illness tickling my nose and throat and went up to Riegelsville. Once there I futzed for a bit and realized that the internet wasn't working. This was sort of neat. It was the first time in forever where my default activity couldn't be blogging or reading some article about some thing online. Instead I picked up a Jasper Fforde novel, made myself a cup of tea and sat outside reading a book for hours. During this time I heard the sound of geese and got moderately excited. While Canadian Geese are kind of scary on the ground, and their poop ubiquitous along whole stretches of any water area, they are kind of cool from above. So, when I looked up and saw flocks and flocks of white birds flying, I was confused.
Even with my zoom, it was hard to really get good pictures since they were so high up. But you might notice that these are clearly not Canadian Geese. No brown on them. Seriously enlarge and then zoom in. Those birds up there? They've got black tipped wings! I texted Mr. Ass and asked him what a white bird with black tipped wings that sounds like a goose is. It sounded like a riddle in my head. But Mr. Ass came through and suggested they were snow geese. I am happy to accept that identification. They flew in droves over my head. I took a million pictures and was quite pleased with the world.
Nothing better than wearing a sleeveless dress in February, reading a book you like and seeing a bird you've never seen.

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