Sunday, March 13, 2011

Copious Beach Shots

After our breakfast we properly slathered our bodies in sunscreen. Well, I properly slathered, we later learned that K. missed a few spots (like the tops of her feet). And then I got a little camera happy.
And then I got even more camera hoggy happy. Pictures of K. will exist. I promise.
Red Stripe at 10 AM, obviously.
So, if you are a true follower of my small life; you know how I feel about floating. And in case you're not, I should make it clear. This girl loves a good float. I asked K. to take a few photos of me pursuing my favorite beach activity. Seriously. I am very good.
I would do this for long stretches of time. Go back to the beach read or nap until I was dry and then repeat. Living the life for serious.


. said...

Yay, pretty, fun. And excellent floating.

SK-S said...

Yay, pretty, fun. And excellent floating.

cc said...