Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Red Stripe of Vacation

So I have nothing but positive things to say about Air Jamaica. Our six o'clock flight left on time, and no one else sat in my three-seat row, which meant I was able to properly stretch, and check, out for the majority of the flight. Eventually the flight was coming to a close, as we were told by our pilot. Just as you could first make out the island's coastline from the airplane, I saw this great rainbow. I mean. If you are one to believe in signs, which I am if it's convenient to the message I want, then this was definitely a good omen for the trip. And pretty. I flew into Montego Bay, but the resort at which K. and I were going to stay was outside Ocho Rios. This meant that after navigating customs and collecting my bag, I had to meet up with a predetermined travel company to be shuttled to the hotel. This was reasonably painless. On the drive I saw goats, poverty, beautiful mountains, so much blue water and some very cute puppies. And a horse.
Once I arrived I was pleasantly informed that I would be able to check in to the room immediately (check in is usually at three and it was only a little past noon). This was fantastic. I went up and immediately stripped off my leggings and other cumbersome warm things and directly into a heavy lather of sunscreen and my bathing suit. Oh, and I took one of the Red Stripes in our complimentary fridge and then goofed off for a bit.
This is me in my beachy finest. My first trip down to the water wasn't documented because I wasn't sure whether it would really be a good idea to leave my camera unattended while I went into the water and got my float on. But I tell you what, it was a good first venture. Warm, warm sun, beautiful water (if a little crowded) and a jerk chicken hut just a little bit further down the beach. That chicken. You'll see. It was like some serious chicken magic. I have no words.

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