Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loads of Food c/o Hardena

The day after the super moon, my new friend G. and I went to a new spot. Well, new for me not for him: Hardena. It's a really small space. And the food's right in front of you and you can pick and choose what you want on your plate, cafeteria-style. After I had my plate filled with rice, greens, chicken, a fish curry of some kind, a tofu something of some kind and something else, I realized that they also did satay. If I were to go back, which I would, I'd try their satay without question. All was good, though such a large, heaping portion of food (for like $7) overwhelmed my eating abilities.

This was also the first official day of Spring, which meant that Rita's water ice was giving away free water ice! I went with raspberry and, um, I forget. We considered trying to hit up multiple locations, but my teeth got cold and there was nowhere to park.

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