Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pho and Ground Pork Rolls c/o Ha Saigon

L. and I were so happy with our first Ha Saigon experience that there was no question that we were going to return in a relatively quick amount of time. So, about two weeks later, we met up and made our way down south. They were out of limes, which was a little sad. But I'm not really complaining.
I went with rare steak and fatty flank. It was delicious.
Because the grilled pork rolls were so ridiculously good, I thought I would try another variation of the beast. I didn't find the ground pork variety quite as satisfying and would go back to the grilled version on my next visit. I made sure to order the coffee with condensed milk, which definitely improved my ability to drink the stuff ... and opened my eyes so I looked a bit like a crazy doll person.

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