Friday, March 25, 2011

Brooklyn Walk with Blossoms, Farmer's and Flea Markets

On Saturday L. and I took ourselves on what ended up being quite the epic walk. We went up to the park (Prospect Park?) and strolled around there a bit.

Stopped and tried samples at the farmer's market. I regret not buying pickles, they were delicious.

Then we went to this huge flea market. By this point we were quite hungry and I was trying to be good about money. So we left before fully exploring all the options. Definitely something I'd look into a bit more on my next trip. They had chicken pictures and other birds.

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j, foodie blog enthusiast said...

i just went to that flea market about 3 weeks ago. and bought (wait for it...) bird pictures. it's only indoors in the winter, though! too bad you didn't venture to the basement level -- FOOD! excellent pork pupusas. there is also a vendor who does crazy toppings on hot dogs (like banh mi and others), and a grilled cheese vendor. i only had the aforementioned pupusas and a porchetta sandwich. there was an olive guy, a cured meats guy, and probably something else i'm forgetting. i'd normally be all over the cured meats and olive guys (that sounds weird), but they were packaged in a "take this home and eat it a later date" kind of way, and i just wanted to eat lunch, not carry salami on a 2-hour train ride home (again, weirdness).