Monday, March 28, 2011

Bucks County Walkabouts

After pho I returned home with every intention of doing productive things, like my taxes and vacuuming. But it was a sunny day, and I hate taxes and vacuuming, so I called Mr. Ass to see whether he was available to distract me from my responsibilities. He had his own responsibilities and couldn't be entirely distracted, but invited me to come on up to his neck of the woods with the promise of eventual game playing. This was good enough for me. I drove up and first stopped off at Tyler State Park for a quick nature walk. While Spring is on its way, it's not reaaaally obvious yet. The only birds I saw were geese. Well, I saw other birds, but they were small, boring, and hard to photograph.
There's this one house in the park, along one of the paths. I just wish I lived there. Though maybe not, since 100s of people probably walk by it each day, which would make one's life perhaps a little too much on display for my taste. But this dog had no problem with the attention. Handsome and not a barker.

Bird nest.
More winter than spring.
Then I went on over to Mr. Ass' and took a walk down to the creek. I saw more geese and maybe a Kingfisher kind of bird, but damn was it hard to get photos. I am thinking about photoshopping the photograph below so that the green is much, much greener than the brown.

Honk. I wish they were snow geese because I think snow geese are cooler. Or if they were cranes. That would make my day, if I could take an in-focus, decent photograph of cranes flying.

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