Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Videos and Posing

So, after dinner, we continued to drink some beers and listen to the music of Mother Mother, the band we would soon go and watch in action. They're Canadian and delightful and awesome. Here, look at their videos and listen to their music. The first song (no video really) is from their first album, the next two are off their second album, and the fourth is a song from their newest album.

Seriously. I can't get enough. Of the music. Of the lyrics. I don't know, it's just right up my alley in a pretty big way.

Of course L. and I had to put our faces on. And since I am me, and she is she, a few photographs were required in the mirror.
Even Fat T. got his close up. Doesn't he look Euro?
High rollin' in the washroom, as the Canadians would say.

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