Thursday, March 03, 2011

Woodsy Walk

Later in the ridiculously warm day I took a woodsy walk. While it was warm outside, winter was clearly not over. Snow was everywhere. And ice. And so I took a lot of photographs of water and ice and whatnot. Also took a few pictures of deer droppings, but I'm sparing you.

This was down by the creek. Notice how it's really only one foot. I mean. What was that? A one legged man? An intrepid bunny? I really wondered.
Obligatory boot shot.
Nuts on ice.
Deer tracks.

Itsy bitsy tiny bug.
Hands! They're mine. I have small hands. It's fine.
I also saw some birds. Woodpeckers and bluebirds mainly. I was sort of surprised by the blue birds, I think of them as only coming out in the true spring. But what do I know.

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nc catherine said...

Tiptoeing one foot in front of the other, cross legged practically. Or intrepid bunny hopping.

Blue birds seem to be prevalent here and it ain't spring yet. Like them at my feeder.