Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sun, Beach and Jack Fruit

My extremely early flight, and K.'s two part flight resulted in a lower level of energy than the two of us sometimes have when together. So maybe we went to sleep at 9 on Friday. It's fine, we're just prepping for inevitable dotage. What? Anyways. So that led to my awaking very early, early enough to see the sun rise, kind of. Not really. To see the sun soon after it had risen would be more accurate.
The beach in the morning, before the maddening crowds. Did I just butcher that phrase?
The breakfast spread was extensive. I had an egg, some fruit and some more fruit. This, for example is 'Jack Fruit.' It was a strange mix of sweet pineapple/mango flavor with a weird consistency I can't find the words to explain. Honestly I wasn't taken with it. It's also a mystery as to why we saw plenty of mangoes being sold along the highways, but not a single mango in their extensive freshly cut fruit section. What gives I wonder.

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