Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surreal in Chinatown, Even Stranger Out in the World

So when I learned that we were going to a party with a surreal theme, I planned ahead and brought my senior prom dress because, well, what else was I going to wear?Fat T. had a washboard tie with eye. L. had a lovely new hat. Did we go crazy with the photos? That's for me to decide. I decide no.

So I actually used one well placed safety pin to update my dress a little and to create a ridiculous bustle, which you can't quite make out in any of the photographs. L. lent me her red tights and big flower bow thing (which I imagine once was wrapped around a wedding gift).

I'm not going to lie to you. I look better in my prom dress now than I did in its original wearing.
So we went to the party but things were kind of slow (even though it was midnight), so I texted S. to see what he was up to since I knew that he was going to be somewhere not too terribly far from the party. He gave me his details and Fat T. and L. gave me directions and I was off. Ok. Note to self: when you are wearing a ridiculous outfit and high heels and plan on walking the streets of New York City by yourself, be prepared for cat calls from passing cars, judgmental looks from passersby and the fact that you should probably just take a cab. While Fat T. was right that the distance between the party and the bar wasn't too far and could take 15 minutes, he wasn't factoring in high heels and a bustle. Nearly two miles I walked. That's not a big deal in sneakers but hooo-wee, my feet still are ravaged. How do women wear heels all the time? What is wrong with you people! I wasn't terribly surprised to find not only S. but C., T. and J. as well.

They were all celebrating this guy's birthday. I had never met him before, so every time I saw him I would yell 'Happy Birthday!!' to him. I think I may also have hugged him, like, three times. It's fine.
I forget what the bar was called but it was kind of dumb. A bottle of budweiser was $5. Ridiculous. S. and C. left soon after my arrival, but I had good conversation with T. and J. and met their friend S., whose long defunct blog first alerted me to the concept of 'brining.'

Eventually those folks got themselves together to decamp and I got into a cab to return to the original party, which seemed to have gotten quite a bit more lively after I left. Like burlesque dancer lively. L. said she was sorry I missed it, but I think it's for the best. The view from the fire escape.

The fun times. They just wouldn't quit.

L. and I went to the bathroom together. It was like college only - if you can believe this - slightly more wholesome.

A late, late night. When we first got off the train in Chinatown L. was all 'I think this will be an early night, have a drink or two and then move on.' Uh huh. Sure L. Suuuuuuure.


tony said...

This weekend just didnt quit! in the best way possible. Good work team C L T (Fat)!

J said...

Oh, S. and her brining.