Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buffet Dinner

Our first evening we went to the big buffet place and took a look around. I ended up with one plate that consisted of 'escoveitched fish,' corn salad, Jamaican beef stew, shrimp fritters, curried chicken and a tiny bit of salmon. The escoveitched fish was nothing like the dish that I love-love-loved in Greensboro so many years back, so I didn't bother eating all of it. The shrimp fritters were freshly fried, but also not all that great. I think I ate most of the stew and liked my bite of salmon and curry. I then tried the paella they were serving in the main outdoor dining concourse. Eh. I wish I could say more. But just because there were a lot of options doesn't mean that any of them were all that great.

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